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Vision: Committed to preparing all students with an equal opportunity to be successful.    Mission:  The Osceola School District is committed to providing an equal opportunity in its educational programs that assures each student of attaining the level of knowledge, skills, ideas, values, and attitudes necessary to achieve the greatest personal development possible.

Our commitment to these beliefs guide all that we do, bonds the entire district together in a shared vision and transcends both time and individuals.  People may come and go; time may pass, our core beliefs remain the same.  Quality education through the Osceola School District is essential to the success of our community.  All students deserve a quality education that is individualized to their needs.  Commitment to communication and collaboration with community and family is integral to the success of our students.  Every student has the right to effective teachers and administrators, every day, every year.  Every student shall be provided a physically and emotionally safe environment that is conducive to learning.  School pride, through extracurricular activities, is an essential component of our district.

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For an online application for Certified Positions please click the Certified link below or scan the QR Code

Internal Positions

Classified Positions

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For an online application for Classified Positions please click the Classified Application link below or scan the QR Code

Send Certified and Classified applications to:

Send Certified and Classified applications to:
Osceola School District
Dr. Toriano Green, Superintendent
PO Box 528
Osceola, AR 72370

Fax: 870-563-2181
Email: Angel Walker -awalker@osd1.org and Bea McCorkley - bmccorkley@osd1.org

Now hiring school bus drivers.  Applicants must have CDL.  Contact Superintendent, Dr. Toriano Green 870-563-2561