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To enroll students, please contact the school your child will be attending.

North Elementary
Grades Pre K - Kindergarten
1230 West Semmes

Carroll Smith Elementary
Grades 1-4
500 Grandview

Osceola Middle School
Grades 5-8
112 N. School Street

Osceola High School
Grades 9-12
2800 West Semmes


Welcome to GoGuardian Parent! Congrats! Osceola School District has just granted access to GoGuardian Parent, a mobile app to help keep parents/guardians aware of your children's browsing activity, app usage, and more. GoGuardian Parent is a companion to the classroom management and internet filtering tools that your child's school uses for devices issued to students. Through the use of this app, we hope to encourage more


Arkansas Act 862 of 2017 allows a public school district and open-enrollment public charter school to develop a plan for alternative methods of instruction to be used on days when the superintendent closes school due to exceptional or emergency circumstances.

Osceola School District will provide AMI Assignments for the first 5 days of "Snow Days" if needed.

AMI activities will include up to five lessons to complete instead of school attendance. AMI work will be due to teachers within 1 week (to include a Saturday) after school resumes.

Students who complete the work (one lesson per day) will receive attendance credit for the AMI or inclement weather day.

Students who do not complete the work will be marked absent for the related AMI or inclement weather day.

These absences can negatively impact exam exemptions, perfect attendance, etc.

Teachers will evaluate the work and return it with feedback. At a teacher's discretion, the work may or may not result in a grade in the gradebook In most cases, AMI lessons will be provided on one page that a student/parent can keep as a screenshot.


Our Special Education Department offers a full continuum of services Kindergarten through High School. In addition to your child's modified AMI packet, you can access these on-line programs at home. We offer Lexia, iReady and Teachtown Social Skills to help with advancing our students academically and socially. Please contact Mrs. Veronica Gavin at, if you have any questions or concerns.

In addition to the AMI speech therapy packets, Cynergy Rehab Company is providing Teletherapy services. If your child is receiving speech therapy, please contact Mrs. Brooke Chipman at Below is your child's speech therapy AMI packet, if you are unable to pick one up at the school.

Please click box to access AMIs and resources.

Thank you all and be safe!

Mrs. Veronica Gavin Director of Special Education.


Students in grades K - 5 must sit with an adult.

Students in grades K - 7 will not be allowed to enter the game without an adult.

Students on suspension from school cannot attend athletic events during suspension.

Clear Bag Policy