Choices “Life Skills Program” On Friday October 1st, the Choices Learning Center (male) students and staff prepared the monthly breakfast for our campus and special guests. We invited several community members and district school employees to our monthly breakfast event. Our students presented a small token of appreciate to our special guest, Mr. Charles “Satellite” Douglas for his hard work and dedication to his community!
10 months ago, Christel Smith
Thank you Mrs. Ashley for supporting our students!
Cooking is a component of our Life Skills Program.
Mr. Gregory assisting a student with cooking!
Choices students cooking and serving breakfast to the staff and students.
Please join us in Celebrating our “Student of the Month” at the Choices Learning Center for the months of both August and September!!! #Choiceslearningcenterscholars
11 months ago, Christel Smith
Charneisha Poole is the “Student of the month”  at the Choices Learning Center  for the month of September!!
AnferneeAdams is the “Student of the month”  at the Choices Learning Center  for the month of August!!
The Choices Learning Center would like to congratulate several of their students on their academic achievements within their Credit Recovery Courses. Our students have set the bar high by creating small goals to be able to graduate in May of 2022. We are very proud of their perseverance and positive attitudes towards meeting their goals!!!😊
11 months ago, Christel Smith
Skyla completes her WH course!  Go Skyla
Dezmon completes 2 credit recovery courses!  Go Dezmon
Olyshawon completed his Biology course!  Great job Olyshawon!!!
Charneisha completes 3 credit recovery courses!  Keep up the great work Charneisha!
We tested our emergency notification system for parent communication Friday afternoon (Sept. 17). We will use this system to send out important updates and reminders. Please consider saving 989-00 to your contacts. If you did not receive a text message from our system, please contact the school to confirm your cell number is up-to-date.
11 months ago, Jeanette Walker
Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday, September 16, from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. Students will be dismissed one hour earlier than their regular dismissal time. P/T Conferences will also be held, Friday, September 17, from 8:00 - 11:00. Classes will not be in session.
11 months ago, Jeanette Walker
The Choices Learning Center would like to express their gratitude to State Representative, Mr. Monte Hodges for visiting their campus as part of the “Take your Legislature to School Month” Initiative!
11 months ago, Christel Smith
Thanks for visiting our campus!!!
Students take selfie with State Representative, Mr. Monte Hodges!
Choices Learning Center invited  Mr. Monte Hodges to their campus  for the annual “ Take your Legislator to School Month” Initiative.  Mr Hodges is the District 55 State Representative.  He conducted a mock session of a bill being passed and etc.
Students/Parents: Progress Reports were sent home with students from the Choices Learning Center on 9/3/2021. Parents if you would like a copy sent to you personally please do not hesitate to contact the principal, Christel Smith at (870) 563-1871 or email me your request at!
11 months ago, Christel Smith
National College Colors Day The students at the Choices Learning Center participated in the "National College Colors Day" celebration by wearing their college colors and apparel. #CollegeColors!
11 months ago, Christel Smith
Jahlisha Irby celebrates  UAPB for  "College Color Day 2021"  # GoLions
Tiyranique celebrates the  University of Washington  for  "College Color Day 2021"  #GOHuskies
Jakayla celebrates  Arkansas State University  for  "College Color Day 2021"  #GOWOLVES!!
Jamiyah celebrates  University of Arkansas/ Jakevion Celebrates Harvard   for  "College Color Day 2021"  #GOHOGS!, #Harvard
Choices Learning Center has implemented a monthly breakfast on the last friday of each month. This initiative is part of our life skills program and is tied to both our SEL goals and academic goals. Our students learn teamwork as well as planning and patience through the cooking process. They also integrate both math and science skills or concepts through the opportunities to utilize measurements and scientific factors through the preparation and baking process. We highly emphasize the importance of hygiene and proper etiquette especially during this pandemic time period.
12 months ago, Jeanette Walker
Photos of students making breakfast
photo of student preparing breakfast
group photo of students making breakfast