Kaden Newson Voted as Lieutenant Governor among 400 Boys invited to join Arkansas Boys State Week Long Leadership Program.
2023 OHS Gr​aduation Ceremony Highlights are now available for download, and printing your favorite moments!
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OHS Juniors Surprised with Two Scholarships while receiving 2022-2023 Youth Leadership Plaque
School Safety Address
North Elementary hosted a Learning Walk
Today, the Osceola School District celebrated receiving a one million dollar grant to offer the STAR Academy Curriculum over the next three years in the Choices Learning Center Academy.
Help keep OSD safe recognize the signs of violent or suspicious activity . As a district we are continuously adapting to include the best safety precautions and updating our safety protocols to ensure everyone who steps foot on any OSD Site is not only safe but also adheres to our safety protocols.  We want to take this moment to remind all of our students, faculty, parents, and remaining OSD community to report any suspicious activity and threats to act in any unsafe or harmful manner.  We are devastated by the tragic incident that occurred today and our thoughts and prayers are with the families impacted along with The Covenant School community during this difficult moment.  We want to thank the Seminole community for their continued efforts and understanding as we provide a safe environment for our students and visitors.
2023-2024 School Calendar
Signing Day
Choices Service Day
Report Card Day January 11th
OSD Band Showdown